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with just three hours left until we see a devastating bart strike, employees shouted down chief bart negotiator. hawk says a deal is nou closer. good evening, i'm ama daetz. bart and two largest unions have not agreed on a new contract yet. current one expires at midnight.
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>> reporter: thousands of bart riders are holding their breath waiting to see if monday morning will bray strike for a settlement. >> if there is a strike i will be walking more and staying home more. >> today both sides were back at the bargaining table to try to avoid a bart strike. lead negotiator says a settlement is possible. >> everybody wants a solution. nobody is up there saying, we're not going to strike but we're not going bargain anymore. everybody wants a solution. that is positive. >> they are focused on employee wages, pensions and worker safety. they say the talks are ongoing. >> the parties are diligently working for a chance to get a
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contract. >> we asked if it a settlement is close. >> they are negotiating. >> but there it be enough to head off a strike? which could bring commuted traffic to a screeching halt. late in the afternoon train operators showed up to give support to fellow union members who were still in talks. stay with abc news. >> if there is a strike there are many alternatives. bart is offering bus service into san francisco. they are offered from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. except the west oakland station. all the commuters can get picked up to return home at transbay terminal from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. samtrans will provide a shuttle from colma stations to bart stations. cal trains will provide service.
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a.c. transit plans to add buses but doesn't know how many yet. ferry will run 13 boats instead of 8. there will be extra results on from oakland, alameda and several other locations. golden gate transit will have no additional service. we have assembled a range of services including alternative transit options. you can download the exclusive waze traffic app to help navigate the freeways. >> for developing updates on the strike talks, be sure to join us tonight at 11:00. also join us for live coverage starting at 5:00 a.m. with the morning news anchors eric thomas and kristen sze. in other our developing story, u.s. embassies across the mideast are being slammed shut tonight because what is being called a very active terror plot by al-qaeda. they confirm the terrorist
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group is planning a massive attack against the u.s. the target is unclear. homeland security is also beefing up presence at airports and train stations and other travel hubs. san francisco police department says they are aware of the state department's terror alert status. they are monitoring various areas of the city and determine if additional resources are necessary. there is increased scrutiny of visitors coming into the united states. these latest measures have been implemented out of an abundance of caution. >> al-qaeda and arabian peninsula is biggest threat to the homeland. they still talk about hitting the west and hitting the homeland. their expertise is chemical explosives, hitting the aviation sector as we saw with the underwear bomber. we are on high state of alert. police say if you see something suspicious, don't be afraid to report it.
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southern california authorities have arrested a man accused of driving his car into a crowd of people at the iconic boardwalk in venice beach. >> panic on the boardwalk in venice beach. surveillance video showing a car plowing into people. >> people were flying everywhere. it looked like something out of a movie. >> i saw everything and swerving and hitting the people. it was just like traumatized go. >> the driver kept hitting beachgoers, anybody who was in his path, injuring 12 people. one of the victims from italy died. she was on her honeymoon. witnesses say the mayhem was deliberate. >> he was intentionally doing it. he wasn't honking his horn. he with a was doing 40 miles an hour. >> the driver fled the scene. he walked into a police station about two hours later. >> detectives have booked
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nathan campbell for a murder that took place last night. >> surveillance video shows him first parking his car and then walking off and returning minutes later to get back into his car and speed off into a crowd of unsuspecting beachgoers. >> this guy had an intent to create mayhem to a lot of people. >> so far police have declined to discuss a motive but they say it was not a terrorist attack. >> a man is in custody suspected of killing a employee at hardware store. 49-year-old worker at oliver's ace hardware was stabbed to death. they arrested 34-year-old damon agnew. it appeared to be a random attack. why a person was beaten up at a russian airport. details a erupt of bulls, one event in the bay area.
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how facebook founder plans to join the debate over immigration reform. >> clouds are moving across >> clouds are moving across the bay.
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this week mark zuckerberg plans to join immigration reform. he he'll offer his perspective about in a documentary. it was funded by a foundation that zuckerberg has created. they believe his influence could transform the debate in their favor. several other silicon valley executives will offer remarks at premiere. >> a flight at sfo, when
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flight 863 landed shortly before 1:00 this morning. 342 passengers and crew were on their way to australia when the number four engine failed. the pilot dumped fuel over the pacific pacific. everyone was okay. passengers will be put on another flight tonight. >> an american punk rock band was pelted with tomatoes as using a flag as a prop. bloodhound gang, they pulled it back out in an airport. a group of nationalists jumped them. they kicked and punched the band apologized on twitter twitter. russian officials cancelled the concert. >> powerball jackpot grows. how much it is now worth and what a bay area ticket buyer purchased it. and lisa argen tells us if there is another chilly night ahead in the bay area. >> n.f.l. kicked off with
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pre-season game. are you ready for some football?
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running the bulls is coming to the bay area. it is expected to happen next year. the running will be similar to the running of the bulls in spain where bulls run down narrow streets where people try to run in front of them. it will be several u.s. cities starting in arizona this month. it's expected to be in our area next june. more than 5,000 runners hit the embarcadero for the giant race. this is video this morning from roof cam.
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registration for the half marathon and 10-k and 5-k was at capacity. giants sponsored the race. it helps open hands. >> powerball jackpot is the third big nest history at $400 million. nobody one last night. one lucky person won $1.1 million. here is what you need to know for the next drawing. it's wednesday at 7:59. you need to purchase a ticket before 7:00 on wednesday evening. you can purchase them at 21,000 locations in california. >> watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. we're the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of your local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. you never have to miss a minute of the news and
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showing you like. i can bring it wherever you want to be. its special benefit brought to you by abc comcast, charter communication at no additional cost. go to to find out how to access watch abc. provide your account information and get it to download the app. lisa argen is here with a look at forecast which is a bit on the chilly side. >> i would say so. some people are enjoying it. we have plenty of low clouds and fog this evening that will allow for a blanket overhead. it's not going to be as cool as it could be, but certainly the coolest numbers up in the north bay. we're looking at live doppler hd where we are looking at the numbers dropping pretty quickly. golden gate bridge, temperatures in the upper 50s. mountain view is at 60. san jose, 59.
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as well as los gatos and view of coit tower showing a nice night. you definitely need the jacket. 55 in santa rosa. 56 in napa. numbers in the mid 50s up in marin county and 59 over in concord. nice day and numbers in the mid-80s out in the east bay valleys. it's been breezy in oakland and that continues for the next couple days. even with some drizzle tomorrow morning, we'll have a sunny and cool afternoon. we have that going for us but we have further cooling that is coming in for the middle of the week. so temperatures taking a big hit for this first week full week of august. here is a little perspective for you. in the first calm, this is where we should be. san francisco 67. all the way through the upper 80s and notice the right-hand column. forecasted temperatures, highs we hit today. we did manage 84 in livermore and that is 5 degrees below average. ten degrees below average in
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napa with seven to eight degrees below average and mid 70s for redwood city and san jose. if you thought it was cool, it certainly was. with the slow burnoff, cool afternoon and breeze will kick up once again. 56 in san mateo with numbers already in the mid 50s in the north bay. we'll drop a couple more degrees. chilly in santa rosa, low 50s with mid-50s down around san jose. we are looking at the setup much the same. we've had a tlouf over the west coast that has allowed for a stronger onshore push. we have a system that is going to be dropping down overhead monday, thrill tuesday into wednesday. what that is going to do is enhance the cooling. could mix up the marine layer. forecasting 84 in livermore and temperatures drop and bottom out into the upper 70s. it will be right through thursday and friday and a little bit of recovery as we head towards next weekend.
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high temperatures in the south bay, low 70s for milpitas and 67 in san mateo. pa more 60s than you would think. 68 in novato. 74, napa. 67, san leandro. 70 castro valley. mid-80s livermore. temperatures tomorrow and into tuesday, very little change. then we'll look for the numbers to dip further but it look like a good five solid days before we see warmth come back. >> thank you so much. shu is here with sports. >> a little football. 50-yard arena football. we kick off with the sabercats, facing arizona.
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quarterback making his first playoff game with san jose. nick threw for 7 tds, 8 if you include this one. 22 yards. saber cats up 42-35. cats are looking for more. he fumbles at the goal line. arizona takes it the other way. he threw 4 tds and he is picked off in the end zone. sabercats are eliminated from the playoffs. n.f.l. is back with a class of witnessing the hall of fame game. dolphins quarterback, matt moore picked off. he returns it 75 yards for the touchdown. that is great way to impress the coaches. dallas will face the raiders in oakland on friday. a little baseball, game three forth a's, dolly seem a.j. griffin who continues to
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give up the long ball. coming in today gave up a couple more. cruz could be suspended tomorrow due to the bio genesis scandal. makes it 2-0. he was on fire and eight shutout innings. we go to the 7th, see ya. griffin has allowed 28 homes running. 10-8 of the year. texas is two and a half back of the a's. >> i feel like i pitched very well all game. a little frustrating like you said but that is how it goes. good line-up but i dominated them. >> and giants and rays, here is the start over barry zito including this two-run bomb. rays up 2-1. in the sixth, jose gave a
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game winning run. giants are now 12 back of the dodgers in the west. little league action, belmont redwood shores, fifth inning, single by daniel free gives belmont a 2-0 lead. lopez allowed one hit. lee helped a didn't play to end the game. now opponents of the second game and advance weigh a 3-0 victory. olympic champion missy franklin will be a campus student but today she set a new championship in barcelona. missy with the backstroke. they never look back. giving her sixth goal first woman to ever win six gold medals in.
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>> final round, this comes up short. choi had six to play but stacy louis prevailed. within three feet of the hole. make that for a birdie then finishes on the 18. shoots an even par 72 for second career major. >> find round of the bridgestone where the squirrels were running from tiger. here is birdie on 10. led by 7 coming in today. shot an even par, 15 under for the tournament final major of year is pga set for next week. coming up at 11:00, san jose state head coach talks football as they prepare for the home opener. next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00, it is star power
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coming up tonight at 11:00, two and a half hours to go before the bart strike deadline. we'll have the latest updates and what you need to know if workers walk off the job. a bit of movie history turning to dust. what is happening to the star wars set. that is at 11:00. star power ruled the box office, denzel washington claimed the top spot. they starred in two guns about an undercover operation. movie made $27 million this weekend. wolverine came in second with 21 million. dream came in fourth to top
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hundred million which is rare feat. despicable two came in fifth. >> that is it for this abc news at 9:00. for all of us here. i'm ama daetz. thank you so much for joining us. we continue now online on twitter, facebook and all your local devices with our new "abc 7 news" app. we'll leave you live look from the exploratorium cam. we'll see you at 11:00. [ male announcer ] on vof the things you love.
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